Third meeting: Jennifer Hambrick

Time: 24.02.2015.
Topic: Character barchoba:
Our questions:
Is your character an animal-
human beeing
Is your character a real person?
Is your character from a cartoon-
Is your character a singer
Is your character more than 20-30-40-50 years old?
Is your character a man-woman
Does your character have blod-black-brown hair?
Does your characer wear black-white-blue-red-yellow clothes?
Does your character like singing-
flying-climbing buildings?
Does your character live in the USA
Is your character married?
Is your character from a Disney movie?
Has your character got long blond hair?
Does your charachter wear glasses?
Does your charater wear black mask?
Our partner's questions:

  1. 1. Are they a male/female
  2. 2. Are they a real character/fictional character
  3. 3. Are they dead/alive
  4. 4. Are they an animated character
  5. 5. Are they a historical figure?
  6. 6. Are they uan entertainer?
  7. 7. Did they make an impact on our lives?
  8. 8. Are they older than 25?
  9. 9. Are they an athlete?
  10. 10. Are they an inventor
  11. 11. Do you have dark hair/light hair?
  12. 12. Are they Caucasian/African American?
  13. 13. Are they married?
  14. 14. Do they have brothers/sister?
  15. 15. Are they a male/female

Mikey Mouse
Donald Duck
Justin Bieber
Winnie the Pooh
Sponge Bob
Spider Man

Taylor Swift
Harry Potter
Ana from Frozen


Second meeting.

Time 3rd 02.2015.

Topic: mystery number game

We had to ask questions, and finally we found out the number.

I, as an old teacher, made a mistake.( Maths wan't my strongest point at all:-))) so from the half of the meeting my studnets worked on their own:-))))

Many many thanks for this great idea for Jennifer Hambrick


Mystery skype-Ohio, USA-Balatonboglár, Hungary

Time: 16.09.2014

That time we didn't ask questions. We told 5-10 sentences about our countries first.

Next we will look for thes information for a week.

Finally we will meet next week, and again we will give 5-10 more information.

So we may find out the country and the state.

Our partners' sentences.

COUNTRY - Our capital is Washington, D.C. Our independence day is July 4. Our national bird is the bald eagle. Our national anthem is the Star Spangled Banner. Our government is a democracy.

STATE - Our state capital is Columbus. Our state is the 34th largest in size in our country. Our state nickname is the Buckeye State. Famous people from our state are the Wright Brothers who invented the airplane and Neil Armstrong who was the first person to walk on the moon.A nice girsl sand the national anthem.Our senteces:
-We are a landlocked country in Europe

-Our longest river is Donau, we have 3 big lakes, but we don't have high mountains.

-We celebrate Easter in spring, we have mothers' day on 1st May, Children's day at the end of May, Christmas in winter, Santa Clasu comes to us on 6th December,

-Popular sport are football, handball, swimming,

-In our language we say hello: Szia, good morning: jó reggelt...
We sang a Hungarian folksong and one clever boy told a poem in Hungarian.

This very nice teacher wrote me in a mail:
Thanks for today! My students were so excited to talk with your students! It's funny because they were researching online and trying to guess your country and some of the students said Hungary, but then one of my students said that she was half Hungarian and that your students were not speaking Hungarian and so now all of my students are choosing other countries!! haha

Some of my students want to ask some questions next Tuesday, like:What is your currency?What is a popular food in your country?What is the weather like?What are the colors of your flag?What is your language?


Second meeting:
13rd September
What is your currency?
What is a popular food in your country?
What is the weather like?
What are the colors of your flag?
What is your language?

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