Time: 18.11.2014. at 2:30 pm here

Country: USA

State: Maryland

City: Baltimore

School: Friends School of Baltimore

Web: www.friendsbalt.org

First we both will ask questions about life in the other country.

Finally we will played "Simon says...."

Questions from students in Baltimore, USA

What grade are you in and how old are you? Is your school public or private?

When does your school year start and stop?

What subjects do you take in school? What is your school called?

Is it hard to learn to speak English?

What kinds of food do you eat? What holidays do you have and do you eat special food on that holiday?

What is the climate like where you live? Are there seasons? Does it snow in Hungary?

What kinds of things do you do for fun?

What does your neighborhood look like?

What kinds of stores do you have?

Do you live in a city, town? Mountains? What does the landscape look like?

Do you use the metric system?

What type of sports do you play? What professional sports teams do you have?

What cars might you see a lot in the street?

Our questions:

Where do you live? City/town? What is the name of your school?

What grade are you in? How many studnets are there in a class?

What subjects do you learn? What do you like the best?

When do you start schoolm and when do you finish? How many lessons and breaks do you have in a day?

What do you do in your free time?

What holidays do you celebrate?

What sport do you do? What sports are famous in your country?

What is the weather like in winter and in summer?

When does your school year starts and finishes?

What do you usually do in summers?

What can you see when you see out of your window? ( I mean we can see the lake , some hills ,some trees and houses

What music do you listen to?

What films do you watch? Who are your favourite charachters?


Date : 21.01.2015.
We got a lot of beautiful letters from these fantastic students!!!
Thank you !!!