Mystery skype session


St. Luke's CE Primary School in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Time: 24.01.2014

Age: First grades from the other side, and 3rd graders from our side.

First we both asked questions about the country

Is it in the Northern or Southern hemisphere?

Is it a hot or cold country?

Is a mountainous country?

Which continent is it in?

Do you have electricity in your houses?

Is your country on the coast?

Do you have snow in winter?

Has your country got a lot of forests in it?

Is your country tropical?

What is your capital city?

Next my smaller ones told some words about their favourite animal and colour.

It was the first time they started this excellent game: skyping.

Many-many thank for the students from the UK, they enjoyed it very much, and want to do skyping again.