Mystery skype-India
Unfortunately, that day our partner for that time had problem with joining us for a mystery skype.

Many-many thanks for our quest speaker, Roma S. from India.
She and two fantastic and beautiful small girl ( her daughter) help us and finally we could play this fantastic game.

Thank you: Roma S!!!
Date: 05.03.2014

Are you on the northern hemisphere?
Are you on the eastern hemisphere?
Are you in Asia….Europe?
Are you in the middle of EuropeAmerica...?
Are you in the east/west/north/ south Europe/America?
Have you got high mountains?
What are your biggest lakes?
What are your longest rivers?
What colour is your flag?
Do you have any „traditional” food?
Do you border to….?
What is your capital?
What language do you speak?

IMG_20140304_145714 (1).jpgIMG_20140304_145658.jpgIMG_20140304_145649.jpgIMG_20140304_145634.jpg