Mystery skype California, USA

The time difference is 9 hours, so we sent video messages again.

They told us some facts about their country, and sent skype video message us.


1. Our national bird is the bald eagle.

2. We border 2 different oceans.

3. The puma is a native of our country.

4. We are in the North-Western Hemisphere.

5. Our country is the third largest in the world.

We told some facts about Hungary, too:

Hello, let us tell you some words about our country.

Our famous animal is dog, like puli and vizsla.

We don't border to any oceans . We are landlocked.

We are in Europe.

We are a small country.

Our flag is red, white and green.

Our capital is Budapest.

There are 19 counties in our country.

We live at Lake Balaton.

Thank you for attention.

What is your favorite movie?

What is your favorite sport?

What is your city like?

What is your favorite food?

How many people are in your school?