St. Rose School, Windsor, Ontario-Primary School Balatonboglár, Hungary

Skype lesson

at 9:00 / 5:00pm

Topic: Our school life

First we had our presentations, next our students asked some questions, and the other side answered them

Our Canadian friends had a surprise for us: they told two sentences in Hungarian. It was fantastic!

The Canadian children's presentations were fantastic. They spoke clearly, so we could understand them. It was fantastic.Thank you very much for these great students!
New information
We learnt a lot about their school life. Other subjects, longer school days. Their city is large.
Hello Gyöngyi
I cannot thank you enough. My kids were extremely excited and couldn't
stop talking about your class all day. We were amazed at how good their
english is. The few times we asked for a repeat of their statement was
because of a bit of delay in our conversation made it difficult to hear.
I really hope we can do that again next month.
I LOVE the video as well. Please tell your student THANK YOU so much.
That is amazing and I cannot wait to share it with my students. We also
took a video. One of the teachers has it and I hope to have it by Monday.
Dear Laurie,
Your kids are fantastic!
Here is a short video ( made by a student)
Next week we are going to watch it again and again, and listen to your fantastic students's presentations. ( and learn a lot from them)
And these sentences in Hungarian!!! It was cool!
Tell your studnets a large Thank You!
Here are the presentations and teh quiz questions.
Thank you very much for this fantastic lesson!!!!