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The Elephant Sanctuary Educator has confirmed that you will be taking part in their Virtual Field Trip "Visit The Elephant Sanctuary".

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Virtual Field Trip: Visit The Elephant Sanctuary
Host: The Elephant Sanctuary Educator
Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM W. Europe Standard Time
Date: 18 January 2017
Host’s Location: United States
Host’s Time Zone: Central Standard Time
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Did you know that there is a special place in Tennessee where captive elephants can go to live out their lives in a natural-habitat refuge? A place where they can CHOOSE how to spend their own time in the company of other elephants? A place where they can just BE elephants? The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee's educators would love to tell your students all about it!
Utilizing photos, videos, and the live-streaming HD EleCams in the elephant habitats, The Sanctuary's Educators will provide your students with information about:
  • The life histories of the elephants living at The Sanctuary (capture from wild, life in captivity, retirement at The Sanctuary)
  • Daily life at The Sanctuary for elephants
  • The role that humans play in providing care for them
  • The difference between elephant species
  • The role of elephants as Keystone species in their native habitats
  • The diets of the elephants
  • And more!
This non-intrusive observation of the elephants will provide students with a new type of "Elephant Experience. "These elephants residing at The Sanctuary represent a new age of captive-elephant management; what we can learn from this is invaluable.
The programs are usually 45 minutes in length, but this is certainly flexible depending on your classroom's needs. Our team will cater the lessons to your age levels.
Before Your Session
Watch some of the videos on this page below.
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What a perfect presentation!!!
We ( and personally me) learnt a lot about elephants.
Many many thanks for the session:-)))