Skype-a-Thon warming up
Date: 02.12.2015.


Country: England

City: Birmingham

School: Brownmead Academy

Steve H. Mystery skype

1100 kms


Lory Perry

Nitro, USA

Rock Branch Elementary

Cultural skype session


7,000 kms

What about if they ask ( very very basic) questions from my studnets
what are your hobbies?
What sports do you like?
What food do you eat?
What films do you watch?
What music do you listen to?
Who is your favourite singer/ actor,/ chartoon character/ animation character?
Jaden What is your favorite cartoon?
Colton What is your favorite food?
Jacob What sport do you like?
Aidan What do you want for Christmas?
Joseline What is your favorite computer game?
Kaelan Do you play a sport?
Jada Who is your favorite singer?
Bradford How many grades are in your school?
Savannah How long is recess time?
Bobby How many students are in your school?
Abigail Do you have animals in your room?
Keyleigh What time do you go to school and leave?
Bo What is your favorite subject at school?
Hanna When is your Christmas break?
Tabitha Do you have physical education class?
Owen Do you have a music class?

country: USA

Collen J.

town: Savannah

school: St. Andrew's School

web: saintschool.comIMG_20151202_151631.jpg


Costa Rica

mystery skype

Golden Valley School

10,200 kms