Date: 19.10.2016.Seychelle Islands


We’re very excited to meet your class soon. They will learn a lot about coral reefs and the marine life that lives on them in our live session but in order to make the most of our session it would be great if your class can do the following task before we meet.

Please ask your class to think of at least one question for me in advance. I’m happy to answer any marine related questions but (just as a suggestion) they could think about the biggest, heaviest, fastest, weirdest, most deadly marine creature, types of prey, adaptations, marine threats to humans, human threats to marine life, SCUBA diving, snorkeling, what does a marine biologist do, plastic pollution in the ocean, climate change and its effect on the oceans etc…
Having some questions prepared beforehand generally makes for a better session. Obviously the talk itself will generate some questions too so not to worry if you don’t have time for this and/or not everyone can think of a question. We may not have time for everyone’s question but we’ll try and answer as many as possible.

Could you confirm your Skype name? Or you can find us as wiseoceans.

Finally, is it OK to take screen grabs from the session for use on social media? I know that policies are different for each school so we always ask first.

Which is the most dangerous animal int he ocean?
Why are they dangerous?
What is the cutest animal in the ocean?
What is your favourite one? Why?
Have you every found something interesting in the water?
How deep can you dive? ( swim in the water)?
How long can you be in the water? ( under the water?)