We both were talking about our countries, and our origins.

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Date: 21.09.2015.Topic: Hungary, Hungarian Origins,




We live in the centre of Europe.

Our country is very small.

Our neighbours are Austria, Slovenia,Serbia, Romania, Ukraine and Slovakia
Orgin of Hungarians

Early History
Originally Hungarian people lived in Asia.
They were breeding and hunting animals
They arrived to CarpathianBasin in 895.
Saint Stephen established Hungarian state in 1000

Our flag is red, white and green.

Our currency is Forint.

Our language is Hungarian

Our capital is Budapest.

River Donau devides the city into two parts : Buda and Pest.

It’s famous for beautiful bridges, hill,bulidings and spa baths.
Famous Hungarian invetions
Rubic cube was invented by Ernő Rubic
Ball Point Pen by László Bíró
Vitamin C by Szentgyörgyi Albert
Word-Excell by Charles Simonyi
Famous Hungarian Composers
Liszt Ferenc
Kodály Zoltán
Bartók Béla
Famous Hungarian Dogs
We live at Lake Balaton,

in Balatonboglár.

It’s the biggest freshwater lake in the centre of Europe.

It’s 77kms long and about 5-10 kms wide.

Our town is small but nice.

There are two hills: Chapel Hill and Castle Hill.
On Chapel Hill there are two Chapels
The Red Chapel
and the Blue Chapel.
There are exhibition in
the chapels in summer.
It’s a holiday resort area

In summer a lot of tourists visits our town to spend their summer holiday here.
In summer we can swim and sail.
Swimming across Lake Balaton
It’s Between Révfülöp and Balatonboglár
About 7000-1000 amatuer swimmers swim every July acroos the lake.
There are two churches

a Catholic Church and a Lutheran Church
There is an Adventure Park on the Castle Hill.

You can have a great time here
In winter , if the weather is cold, there is ice on the lake.Sometimes we can skate on the ice.
We go to Primary School Balatonboglár.

There are about 400 studenst in our school.
After morning lessons we can go to music school.

We can play the flute, the saxophone or the guitar there
We can go to the gym.

We can play handball, basketball or football there.
In the afternoons we can go to the swimming pool, too.
Balatonboglár is famous for grape and wine.
Traditional food is fishsoup, gulash and beigli.
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