Mystery skype Singapore-Balatonboglár, Hungary


This time we faced something new. Because of the time difference we are sending skype video messages from one side, and the other side answering them.

And the game is going one!!!

We are waiting for our partners answers!!!

We are so excited...:-)))

Time: 21,22,23 01 2014

Age: 10 years old

( Does anyone know how to download a skype video message to embed here????)

Questions from Singapore.

Our Answers about Hungary

1) How many seasons are there in your country?

There are 4 seasons: winter, spring, autumn, summer

2) which school are you studying at?

We are at Primary School

3) how cold is it there?

It's about 10 C

4) what food do you usually eat?

We usually eat "goulash" ( it's a typical traditional food)

5) what's the colour of your skin?

Our skin is white

6) what kind of houses do you live in?

We live in family houses

7) what's the main language of your country?


8) do you use home clothes for school?

Yes, we use home clothes for school. We don't wear uniform.

Questions from Singapore to Hungary.

Our answers


Questions from Hungary

Answers from Singapore

Which hemisphere is your continent in?

We are living in the souther hemisphere.

Are you close to Equator?

We are very close to the equator

Are you on an island?

We are on an island.

Do you border to ocean?

We are surrounded by the ocean.

Is your country landlocked?

No, we are not landlocked.

Are you in Africa?

We are not in Africa.

Are you in Asia?

We are in Asia.

What continent are you in?

We are in Asia..

Questions from Hungary to Singapore by skype video message.

Answers from our partners

Their next questions:

Are you in Europe?

.Yes, we are

What iconic landmark do you have?

We are famous for hangball, waterpolo and the dog called puli

What video game do you play?

We play...( and the children mentioned some:-)))) that I don't really know:-)))

Are you from Australia?

No, we are not.

Are you British?

No, we are not.

Is there an Eiffel tower in your country?

No, there isn't.

Are you from Hungary?

Our answers