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Mystery skype-Sweden-Hungary, Balatonboglár

Time: 11.10.2013

It was a great meeting, thank you very much fro our partners:-)


1. What´s the local time in your country?

2. Who is your President?

3. Which continent do you live in?

4. Is there many tourists in your country?

5. Is your country bigger or smaller than France?

6. Is it warm weather in your country?

7. What is your currency?

8. Do you live in a big city or in a small city?

9. Do you have more than one language in your country?

10. What is your country famous for?

11. What´s your typical food?

12. What colors do your flag consist of?

13. What kind exports do you have in your country?

14. What is your biggest religions in your country?

15. Do you have kangaroos in your country?

16. Do you have snow during your winters?

17. Is it an exotic country?

18. Do you have deserts in your country?

19. Is your country close to the ocean?

20. Do you have siesta in your country?