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Our partners questions
Our questions
1. Are you in the Eastern Hemisphere? (The Eastern Hemisphere is a geographical
term for the half of the Earth that is east of the Prime Meridian, which crosses
Greenwich, England, United Kingdom, and west of 180° longitude. It includes
Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. The Western Hemisphere includes the
continents of North and South America.)
2. Are you in the Northern Hemisphere (north of the equator).
3. Are you near the Pacific Ocean? (or the Atlantic, Indian, or Arctic Ocean)
4. Are you on an island?
5. Is your continent North America? (or Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, South
America, etc.)
6. Do you speak English as a first language?
7. Does your country border another country?
8. Are there mountains in your country?
9. Is it very hot in summer (higher than 30 degrees Celsius) (or Is it colder than -10
degrees Celsius in winter)?
10. Does your country have a coastline?
11. Can you sometimes see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)?
12. Do you border the Mediterranean Sea (or Black Sea, Red Sea, Arabian Sea,
North Sea, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, etc.)
Are you on the northern hemisphere?
Are you on the eastern hemisphere?
Are you in Asia….Europe?
Are you in the middle of EuropeAmerica...?
Are you in the east/west/north/ south Europe/America?
Have you got 4 seasons?
Is It morning there?
Is it afternoon there?
Do you celebrate Christmas?
Do you start school in September?
Do you wear uniform?
Have you got high mountains?
Have you got lakes?
Is you flag…( blue, red, white?)
Do yo speak English?
Do you border to…?