Mystery skype Kenya, Nairobi,_Balatonboglár, Hungary

This was one of the cutest meeting ever.

Time: 20.02.2014.

Age: 10-14


First we asked questions and found out their locations.

Next they found out our country by questions.

After we both asked questions about the partner's school life, country.

We finished the meeting with songs.

These small children form Kenya made a fantastic and love work.

As they were was brilliant

Many-many thank!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Ugali ( In local language). Boil water add in flour then stir till it gets hard.

Maize flour also wheat flour

The other one is fish, so delicious
East African countries are Kenya, Uganda,Tanzania, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somali, Burundi.

Good morning...habari ya asubuhi


How are you....phalli gani

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