Mystery skype South AfricaDebbie's classDate: 18.02.2014.We sent video message
Our first message
We are in the northern hemisphere
We are in the eastern hemisphere.
We are in Europe.
We don’t bordered to any oceans or seas.
We are landlocked.
We have 4 seasons: winter, spring, summer, autumn.

Which hemishphere is your country in?
What continent are you in?
Do you bordere to any oceans or seas?
Are you landlocked?
Have you got high monuntains?
Have you got long rivers?
Have you got big lakes?

South Africa 2.png
South Africa 1.png

We got our answers today: 19.02.2014.
We are in the Southern hemisphere.
Our national animal is the Springbok.
Our national bird is the blue crane.
We are known as the Rainbow Nation.
We have all the Olympic colours in our flag.
Wehave mined one of the worlds biggest diamonds.
We are home to the Big Five animals - the Rhino, Elephant, Lion, Buffalo and Leopard