Mystery skype meeting

USA, Virginia Beach, Fairfield's class

Time: 25.02.2014.

Age: 9-12


At the beginning: about the continent:
Are you on the northern hemisphere?
Are you on the eastern hemisphere?
Are you in Asia….Europe?
Are you in the middle of EuropeAmerica...?
Are you in the east/west/north/ south Europe/America?
Next some other (cultural-geography) questions:
What is your traditional food?
Have you got 4 seasons?
What season is it there now?
What time is it there now?
Do you celebrate Christmas?
When do you start school?
Do you wear uniform?
Have you got high mountains?
What are your biggest lakes?
What are your longest rivers?
What colour is your flag?
Do you border to….?
What is your capital?
What language do you speak?

After finding out the state and the country, our Lake Balaton and our town, we asked some questions.

Many-many thanks for these questions, because these fantastic students asked so questions that my small studnets could answer them on their own.

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