Mystery skype USA, IOWA, Mrs Readout's classDate : 18.02.2014.Sent a video message because of the time differenceFirst message:

Our first message
We are in the northern hemisphere
We are in the eastern hemisphere.
We are in Europe.
We don’t bordered to any oceans or seas.
We are landlocked.

Which hemishphere is your country in?
What continent are you in?
Do you bordere to any oceans or seas?
Are you landlocked?
Have you got high mountains?

Readout USA 2.pngReadout USA 1.png

We got the answers on 18.02.2014 afternoon.

We live in the Northern Hemisphere.

We live in North America.
We are landlocked.
We have no mountains near us.

And the new questions:
Do you border Austria?
Do you border Romania?
Do you have a mountain range in your country?
Do you live in a city of more than 25,000 people?
Do you live in Switzerland?