Mystery skype Oklahoma, USA-Balatonboglár, Hungary
As the time difference is 8 hours between Hungary and Oklahoma, we again sent video message .
Time: 04.02.2014.
( with a beautiful and exciting ending:-)))

Here are our questions:
We live on the northern hemisphere.
We live on the eastern hemisphere.
We live in Europe.
We live in the centre of Europe.
We are Landlocked.
We have four seasons, winter, spring,summer, autumn,
We are GMT + 1.
Our capital is Budapest.
We celebrate Easter, Birthdays, Namedays, Mothers’s days, Children’s days and Christmas.
Santa Claus visits us on 6th December.
A famous Hungarian invented Rubic cube.
Our native language is Hungarian.

We live in a small town.
We don’t live in the capital.
We live at Lake Balaton.
In summer we can swim in the lake, and in winter we can skate on the ice.
We are famous for our wine.
We have a lot of tourist in the summer.
We have two small hills, Castle Hill and Chapel Hill.
We have two chapels, Red Chapel and Blue Chapel.
There is a famous swimming across Lake Balaton.
Our town is between Fonyód and Lelle.

We live in Balatonboglár, Hungary.



and the most beautiful message I have ever got on skype,
so much beautiful!!!
I keep my finger crossed:-))