Country: USAState: TennesseeTown: GreenevilleSchool: Tusculum View ElementaryTwitter: MrsRicker_musicDate: 14.04.2015.

1. Are there any activities you enjoy doing outside of school?
We usually ride the bike, go swimming, listen to music……
2. What is your first language?
Our first language is Hungarian.
3. What instruments do you have?
We play the flute, the trumpet, the guitar and teh saxaphone
4. How do the songs you have performed for us today represent your culture?
Érika s szőlő
It’s a Hungarian folksong. Peaople usually sanfóg i tat the time of Harvest.
5. What do you like to eat?
We like to eat pizza….and some famous Hungarian food, like palacsinta ( pankakeJ))
6What songs do you like to sing?
We like singing folksongs and…

Which school do you go?

What subjects do you learn?
When do you start and finish school?
How many lessons do you have in a day?

What is your favourite hobby?

What is your favourite type of music?

Do you play any musical instruments?