Music collaboration : Malaysia-Hungary

Pre-meeting tasks
- aim definition
Teacher-Teacher communication
-What do we want to do?
-How do we want to work?
-Way of collaborations
aim: cultural collaboration
topic: language of music
introduction of music in different cultures
Pre-meeting tasks:
- introduction
-in digital classroom: edmodo
-writing e-mails
Writing some basic information about students
Pre-meeting tasks
Making presentations
-about our folk music life
-musical instruments
-folk music
-musical instrument
Pre-meeting tasks
Sending 1-2-3- children sing sin advance to learn and to teach them
( youtube videos)
Comparison of musics
During Skype sessions
Students tell some words about themselves

Presenting PP presentations about folkmusic and music life
Giving oral presentations: sharing the screen

Presenting Hungarian and Malaysian music
Children singing songs
Children play musical instruments

Singing songs together
Sing the two childrensongs together (live on skype) learnt before by youtube videos
End-skype session tasks
Oral evaluation of the session
Saying thank you for the session.
Giving some polite feedback
After skype session
Kahoot quiz
What did we learnt about the partners music culture?
10 point on both sides

Google sheet form: sending google
and asking the partner’s opinion ( smileJ L )
-new information about the partners country
-new information about the partners music life
-way of presentations
-singing songs together
In our classroom
What did we learn?
Asking our students personally about the session.
What was the best point?
What do we have to do different way next time?
What did we learn? (new information)

Collecting new information on a chart

Country: Malaysia
Town: Kuala Lumpur
School: Tiara Permai Primary School

Web :

Malaysia. I teach students aged 11-12 years. My students are doing a project entitled Traditional Musical Instruments of Malaysia.

a. Introduce ourselves, names, races, religion, celebrations

b. Singing your Hungarian child song

c. Singing our folk song in Malay

Country : MalaysiaSchool : Tiara Permai Primary SchoolTown : Kuala LumpurWeb :

Rasa Sayang Hey

Rasa sayang heyRasa sayang sayang heyHey lihat nona jauhRasa sayang sayang hey
#Buah cempedak di luar pagarAmbil galah tolong jolokkanKami budak baru belajarKalau salah tolong tunjukkan
Rasa sayang heyRasa sayang sayang heyHey lihat nona jauhRasa sayang sayang heyRepeat # and ##

  • We would tell some words about Hungary and our school

Do it yourself

Photos of the great music skype session
( video of the whole session is still uploading:-))) coming soon)





Pictures from the other side, in Malaysia