Country: USA

town: Meadville (Pennsylvania - State)

school: Meadville Area Middle School


Twitter:@MrsPearsonELA (we are on twitter all the time)

Many many many thanks for this lesson, Christine Pearson!
We played a very simple but funny introduction game today with a fantastic and nice class in Pennsylvania.
Children sat one by one and face to face...( 6000 kms far:-)))
Introduction game

Have to find out the names on the other side by the answers

All studnets get a paper to ask information.
We write numbers to every paper: number 1,…2…3…4… to find pairs easier ( and don’t wasnre time with „skype „ones: everyboday should speakJ))
Teacher: I will give you a paper, please, find your partner by your number ont he other side, . Next ask information about your partner, and answer the questions about you. Don’t write the names, please!!!
Next students with number 1 on both side sit facet o face ( closer to the laptop) to fill ths form: ask questiosn and answer them, and write the answers. NAMES must be told, but must’s be recorded. ) only he or she)
Students on both side: How old are you? When is your birthday?:-)))
All the studnets ask someone and answer ( if we don’t have the same number students, we can double)
Next we teachers collect the papers, stir them, and give back one papep to every student ( but different paper with different informarion, )
He is she reads the informationa and the same side tries to find out who was it about. ( if we don’t understad one-two given answer, no problem, we don’t read it.-)))

I think we should write the names in advance just to make it easier ( different pronuntiationJ))
We can ask anything we want, it’s only an example…J))


How old are you?
I am 12
Her/His age is

When is your birthday?
My birthday is on (the) 2nd (of) April
Her/His birthday is….
Favourite subject

What’s your favourite subject?
My favourite subject is Art.
Her/His favourite subject is…

What is your hobby?
My hobby is swimming.
Her/His hobby is…
sisters, brothers

Have you got sisters or brothers?
I have got 2 brothers.
She/He has got….

What is your favurite animal?
My favourite animal is tiger.
Her/His favourite animal is…
As they saw us:
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