Folk music skype Sweden,

Bergskolan, Luleå,

We meet students from Sweden this afternoon.

Time: 11.02.2014.

We both sang two folksongs.

The song from Sweden children :

On Tuesday they sang Horgalåten and Öppna landskap. Öppnad landskap is a more modern folksong. It's about Swedish nature, that we love open space (in nature) and that we would like to live close to the sea :) A years ago, some Swedes wanted to change our national song to Öppna landskap! But we didn't :D

Our songs were about harvest, grapes and love.

1. Do you have special clothes when you perform folk music (or folk dances)?

Hungarian women wear headdresses, patterned skirts, coloured vests on the white blouse.

Men wear black boots, white shirt with white vest and black hat.

2.Do you have any Hungarian folk dances?

Yes, csárdás, szatmári, verbunk.

3. What instruments are typical for Hungarian folk music?

Hungarian folk musical instruments are citera, cimbalom, furulya.



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