Topic: School life
Date: 16.11.2015.



On our side: About our school

Primary School Balatonboglár
We live in the centre of Europe.

Our country is very small.

Our neighbours are Austria, Slovenia,Serbia, Romania, Ukraine and Slovakia

Our town is small but nice.

There are two hills: Chapel Hill and Castle Hill.
We go to Primary School Balatonboglár.

There are about 400 studenst in our school.
We start school at the age of 6 and finish at the age of 14.
There are 8 grades in our school
And 2 classes in every year .
There are class 7/a and 7/b
We usually have 6 lessons in the mornings.
We have 10 minutes breaks between lessons.
We learn Hungarian Literature
We learn History
We learn Maths
We learn Geography
We learn Biology
We have Art lesson
We draw and paint in this lesson.
We have Music lesson
We have sport lesson
In the afternoons we can go to music school.

We can play the flute, the saxophone or the guitar there
Or we can go to drama session.

Our drama group is very good, we have already won some prizes in our country
We can go to the gym.

We can play handball, basketball or football there.
In the afternoons we can go to the swimming pool, too.
In our school we celebrate our national holidays.
In February we celebrate Carneval. That time all the students wear different kinds of costumes
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